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" Communicate " to " Connect "

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

A great innovative idea, with a hardworking attitude, can make you an " Entrepreneur". Building a business around that idea is necessary. Right?

But, Is that enough?

To secure the future of business is important. The journey from a 'startup' to a 'sustainable business' is not an easy journey. Apart from technical skills, team building, creating a support system, you have to be a " good communicator", to influence others, positively, and lead the business towards the desired goal.

For successful entrepreneurs, being able to communicate their ideas and messages in an effective and desirable fashion is key to spreading their knowledge. Communication helps in many ways. It establishes a fruitful relationship with their co-workers, employees, and collaborators. Good communication skills have to be spread across multiple media channels. People who can understand what you try to communicate are more likely to catch your ideas; to be receptive to those.

Communication is perhaps the most critical quality for being a successful entrepreneur. By demonstrating strong communication skills, an entrepreneur can convince other partners to join the team. Business-to-business relationships also rely on business-savvy communication. While speaking skills help dramatically, humans also communicate nonverbally with eye contact and body language, which entrepreneurs must master as well.

Business leaders must learn to communicate on various levels to make things happen. To attract quality talent, they must make an impressive presentation about their company. This same dynamic is true when it comes to persuading investors to buy shares of stock or convincing a marketing partner to collaborate on an advertising campaign. When the company faces the bad press, the leader must know what to say to the media.

There are several distinct skills within the subject that you’ll have to master, sometimes independently:

  • Body Language

  • Active Listener

  • Conversation

  • Written Communication

  • Presentation

  • Negotiation

  • Debate

As happens with any other skill, it’s impossible to perfect the communication skill, without practicing them. One has to find time and invest the time and energy to improve it if he or she wants to shine as an entrepreneur. Just do your best and the rest will come in time.

It is been said that: There’s more to communication than just “communication”

So, Keep communicating ...

Keep connecting ...

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