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Cost - Effective Advertising, for Beginners

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Are you looking for customers? Want to advertise?

Don't have the budget to invest in a costly marketing campaign?

Don't worry.Here are the 10 ways of cost-effective advertising, especially for startups. For those beginners who want to make their move of advertising, but worried about the budget, these solutions will help to understand' The world of Advertising."

So Let's begin, -

1. Word of Mouth: Target your best customers. Mouth publicity from these customers ( as good as your brand ambassadors) is much more valuable than any type of paid Advertisement. A most trusted source, even in the digital age.

2. Say NO to Newspaper Advertisements: Be consistent on Social Media.

Consistency is the key, to create the space, in minds of your targets using social media.

Facebook Page is essential. It is a great way to build your visibility across customers.

The LinkedIn presence will also help you to stand alone. Creating a LinkedIn group with like-minded people or people from the same business definitely builds your community.

Do not forget Whatsapp. It is a great tool, in hand. Try to utilize it, in the best way.

If we compare the cost, you can manage to be on five different social media, in the budget on one Newspaper advertisement.

3. Blogging: Blogging is an excellent way to market and promote your business. Make sure to write frequently and keep your customers in the loop about what’s new with your business. Guest blogging also creates attention towards your products.

4. Sharing is Caring:

You can share the AD space with your neighbor's business. But not with your competitor.

E.g. A primary school and a uniform seller can share the AD space.

A coffee shop owner and a manufacturer of coffee can share the same AD space.

5. Avoid Peak Hours: Yes. you read it correctly. As a beginner, we can't afford the budget. Placing your AD in off-hours or in unusual locations can help in a lot of cost-cutting, compared to the peak hours.

6. Earn presence using EMail accounts: Use your official mail accounts to reach the target. You can share your brochure, new product updates, and many other things. E-Mailing is the best way, ur of advertising. IBM study concluded that direct selling time can be reduced from 9.3 to 1.3 total hours.

7. Be creative: Instead of spending high costs on Radio, TV, Newspapers, etc, try to find out the creative ways where you can advertise. It can be carts used in shopping malls, taxi boards, the backside of rickshaws, public transport vehicles, and many more…

Discover online advertisement platforms. Intelligent use of SEO , SMO makes a lot of positive difference.

8.Focus on customer engagement : Collect feedback from the customers. Run the campaigns like Selfie with products and post on your media pages. You can share the testimonial videos, too.

9. Influencer Marketing: The influence of influencer marketing is growing day by day. As they are helping startups adding their credibility. Influencers are not celebrities, but their voice carries a lot of weight on Social Media.

10. Your own presence the Take part in social events ad be a part of a targeted social group. Your positive presence is the best advertising than any other.

Remember, best advertising is not that where you paid the maximum amount, but it is that which interacts with the customers, irrespective of time and space.

Don’t forget to share your experience of cost effective advertising. We are eager to read it...


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