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Industrial Training ? Why?

The purpose of industrial training is to expose the students to real work in an industrial environment and at the same time to gain knowledge through hands-on experience and job execution. With the help of industrial training students will also develop their new skills in work integrity, project management, time management, communication and other useful skills. The objective of industrial training are:

  • Industrial training provides opportunity to the students to test their interest in a particular career before joining any industry or organization.

  • Industrial Training helps students to develop their skills in the application of theory to practical knowledge.

  • Industrial training helps to develop the skills and techniques which are directly relevant to their desired goals.

  • Industrial Training also increases students’ responsibility and good work habits.

  • Industrial Training helps to uncover the students in the real world of work environments to gain healthy knowledge in according to industrial point of view.

  • Industrial training helps the student to build strength, self-confidence and teamwork spirit.

Industrial training is an essential part of the curriculum as it is considered to be the first job experience meant to be professionals. As an intern of the company there is a lot of knowledge involved where students get hand-on access in work life. Industrial training is also a learning period and inclusive development of a student into a professional.

the things which you expect from industrial training are as:- Practical knowledge , Soft skills , Inter-department communication , Professionalism , Insight into internal functioning of an organization

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