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Influence of Organization Identity

Organization identity is a set of central, enduring, and distinctive statements, with which members define the organization. Apart from this, it is also a possible set of resistance to change.

Organization Identity influences management and members within the organization. in many different ways :

Action Guidelines :

Organizational identity serves as guidelines leading for taking the necessary actions and in decision making for a process change.

Interpretative Lens :

It provides a lens through which members interpret events occurring within the organization.

A study of organization identity found The importance of organization identity is shown in three dimensions issue interpretation, emotion, and action.

Identity affects the pattern of organizational actions, to find acceptable solutions, to understand how actions are shaped, and to evaluate the success of actions.

Cognitive Schema :

It serves as a cognitive schema composed of beliefs and assumptions of organizational processes. Schema influences how members encode and store new information

Comparison Reference :

Envisioned organization identity, refers to an ideal and desired identity, what the management wants to be an organization, in the future...

Influence on organization change varies across types of comparison.

The organization is more capable to achieve expected goals more

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