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Getting brands to Creating brands - Harjot Singh

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Today the way of branding and advertisement has changed a lot. Previously, the companies or organization was promoting their products and services in old ways like radio telecast, television ads, banners, etc

But with the rise of internet consumption, a lot more audience shifts from offline to online which makes companies work likely.

YouTube stars and Instagram personalities are developing audiences online using their online fame to build businesses and introduce products or services to their followers.

How Influencer or blogger exactly work on social media?

Social media Influencer or bloggers play a vital role in social media marketing and advertising. They create content for themselves to show it on social media and brands approach them to advertise their product and services in exchange for monetary benefits.

Why social media Influencer is impactful?

Social media Influencer holds large followers user base who support them on almost all the posts. So it is good for the brands to visit Influencer or blogger to offer Collaboration with them

Social media Influencer is virtually divided into nano Influencer (1k-5k), micro Influencer (5k-10k), and niche-specific Influencer. E.g. Sahil Khan is the world's most prominent role model in the health and bodybuilding niche. Once influencers have amassed a large, loyal following on a platform, they can leverage their popularity to develop and promote products related to their niche, content, and personal brand.

From getting brands to creating brands

Now that time has gone when content creators looking for some sort of sponsorship or Collaboration to fund themselves but they start creating brands for their own. This drives a lot of new sense of entrepreneurship in and Influencer. Like Sahil Khan inaugurated his own business/brand "HUNK" and actress Katrina Kaif launches a new brand under her name "Kay beauty".

Social media Influencer are future entrepreneurs

If we keep in mind that everything is free over the internet, which boosts the learning and experience of an individual to a whole new level. Social media Influencer is getting educated around how marketing companies work from getting projects from companies to provide content to content creator further.

Now social media influencers are working on creating a rigid brand for themselves over the engaging follower base. Beauty bloggers started creating brands related to beauty and fashion-oriented Influencer starts their own venture of creating and selling wearable.

At last, I can say that not every social media influencer becomes an entrepreneur because the way of thinking of an entrepreneur and social media content creator must be syncing to create really helpful and in-demand products for the user base.


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