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Is Problem is a 'Problem'?

P R O B L E M?

Have you ever faced any problems? Are you facing any problems as of now?

Is that " Problem " is really a Problem? !?

We can across the word " Problem ", at a very young age. Maybe when we get introduced to Mathematics !!

Those maths problems are having a fixed answer. Also, there was a maths teacher or maths tutor, who taught the step-by-step approach to find the solution.

But, as we grow up, in between somewhere, we just missed out, our link with the step-by-step approach. And, we are trying to build the connection with " Solution ", with the missing link. And, hence, everything results in a problematic situation.

Isn't it true?

Problems are necessary.

Yes, you read it correctly.

If there were no problems, and everything will smooth and fine, we simply not able to live life, to its fullest. We will not able to experience the celebration, after achieving the desired goal. Can you imagine your day without any problem?

Ask and pray to God, for the power to solve the problems and not for a problem-free life.

Problems are there to test your desires. There are just like the speed breakers. If you are cautious about the speed and surrounding conditions, while driving your car, you can easily cross the speed breaker, without experiencing any sudden jerk.

But, if you are not aware of your own driving skill and the accepted speed limit, there are 100 percent chances of any mishap, to happen, in the presence or absence of the speed breaker.

" Problems are not the STOP signs. They are the guidelines." - Robert Schuller

Running away from the problem is the biggest problem. Facing is the problem is the biggest solution to find out the answer. If You are trying to avoid or bypass it, you are going to meet with it, again and again, like your nearest family.

Yes, Every problem is different.

Two persons may face a totally different set of problems, undergoing the same situation. e.g. students facing the exam.

The problem may differ with surrounding conditions. e.g.traffic conditions .

The format of a typical problem may change, in years. e.g. Parents are worried about their kid's education.

And so on...

Here, the only similarity in all types of problems, is that: You can solve any PROBLEM.

Every individual can solve the problem he or she is facing if he or she wants to. Problem Solving is an essential skill for everyone. Effective problem-solving skills result in “happier, more confident, and more independent” individuals.

One needs a desire to solve the problem, with a fresh attitude and approach, with patience, and resilience. The problem will never create any panic or problematic situations, but our approach towards it has the power to create.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Here, is the magic mantra, o solve any type of problem. Whether your problem is personal or professional, daily or occasional, whether it is related to any specific person, or a reason or a situation, you can find out the solution with the following 4-step mantra :

  1. Defining the problem.

  2. Generating alternatives.

  3. Evaluating and selecting alternatives.

  4. Implementing solutions.

After implementing, these 4 steps, I am sure, you are going to say that - Everything is fine. No PROBLEM.


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