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Lessons to Learn from " Lord Ganesh " - IV

Be prepared to deal with contingencies

Lord Ganesh and Lord Ganesh's Trunk is something we cannot imagine one without the other.

Isn't it?

The flexibility of Ganesh's trunk represents his adaptable nature and he follows what is righteous. Hence, the lord is also known as Vakratund.

Ganesha’s Trunk conveys efficiency and adaptability. As it is said that, ‘Firm trees fell down when the storm comes while the bushes don’t’. One should be flexible like bushes to adapt the stormy business conditions. Another good moral from his trunk is to sense the external world in a way to know the issues well in advance.

As an investor, you need to track and review your investment portfolio and having a rainy day fund so that your journey of wealth creation is not derailed when life throws an unexpected curveball at you, such as family's expenses during an emergency, loss of a job, markets crashing, medical emergency, or any unfortunate event that comes with an economic loss for a period.

Ideally, you must have a buffer of the amount that covers expenses for 12 to 24 months and to deal with any kind of exigencies. Build an adequate contingency reserve or a rainy-day fund. It should be able to cover day-to-day expenses, pay rents, utility bills, insurance premiums, loan EMIs, and other unavoidable expenses (the responsibilities you shoulder) that are absolutely necessary to meet no matter what the situation is.


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