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M K Gandhi - " Mhatma " of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Mahatma Gandhi was a real champion of entrepreneurship long before India produced its early icons in business. He believed in the power of doing new things and celebrated leadership and decision making. He was a promotion of confidence and conviction.


-Many of Mahatma Gandhi’s milestones were marked by his ability to take a chance on himself. He took an unpopular stand where he felt his path of righteousness was more important than going with someone else. He stood by his calls and followed through.


-He never lost sight of outcomes. Mahatma Gandhi watched and constantly measured his movements through people and its impact. For entrepreneurs an eye on the goals and a careful and brutal self realisation of what’s going right and needs course correction is core to growing and scaling up


-Mahatma Gandhi has immense conviction and belief in his ideology and he didn’t deter from it. He was confident of his ideas and believed in finding different ways to achieve them.


-Who better than Mahatma Gandhi to have triggered one of India’s earliest entrepreneurship revolutions. He promoted new skills, homegrown ideas and self reliance. Yes he also boycotted foreign goods which was not based on the premise of competition from others but the need to promote in-country talent.


-He celebrated women and their contribution and achievements. Mahatma Gandhi said often that women had no reason to believe they were subordinate or inferior to men.


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