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One step closer to Writing - Session with Soniyaa Murhe

When writing is not just writing, it becomes a journey of collective efforts all together synced with different glow of emotions.

Yes we all experienced the same when we saw an interaction between creative director Prachetan Potadar and a writer who made her debut with recently launched novel, "One Step Closer " none other than Soniyaa Murhe .

There was no typically crafted questions and answers. In fact, we witnessed genuine answers from the chief guest ,Soniyaa Murhe on some tricky and teasing questions as well.

The session was all about how Soniyaa marked her way till the end of the book release, where she didn't forget to mention about Shruti, Deepika, Dhanashri, Priyanka who read her uncountable drafts and assisted her for making this journey a bit smoother.

She also clarifed that, the lead female character of this novel is not based on her life . 'This novel was crafted through lot of observations about language, attire and work culture all around ' she added further.

The show witnessed top notch performances by the talented singer Ankit Khatri , Gaurav Khochare in both sessions, appreciated by chief guest Soniyaa Murhe as they conquered many heart's through their soulful voice .

Why there's an additional a? This question was answered by her in complete unique style. She opened up about her choices about movies , YouTube channels , favourite authors as we progresed further .

She was the rarest gem who gave almost an instant and genuine answers on every rapid-fire question raised by an audience and host Prachetan Potadar.

She thanked everyone who were their for her to date, she also updated our viewers about the book One Step Closer is now available on Amazon and it's digital edition is there on Kindle.

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