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Prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Award

Prerna Wadikar has been awarded the accolade for her outstanding commitment to social change.

Prerna, the inspiration, is now the role model of Gen-Z and for all those entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the Green Energy Sector and socio-entrepreneurship.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Awards are given each year to Oxford University staff or students who demonstrate exceptional achievement and commitment to social change.

Throughout her Oxford MBA studies, Prerna Wadikar's dedication to social impact was just remarkable. She started Jeeva Global (a green energy enterprise), Co-created the Oxford India Business Conclave (an event focused on the youth building tomorrow’s India.), Volunteered in Oxfordshire ( supporting immigrant communities ).

We couldn’t be more proud of Prerna and the impact she has had during the last year, we look forward to following her progress as she continues to drive social change.’ - Kathy Harvey, Associate Dean, MBA and Executive Degrees

The Oxford MBA played an important role in her entrepreneurial journey. She was selected by the Weidenfeld Hoffman Trust for their leadership development program where enterprise development is a core component. She also accessed the Oxford Foundry where her product was shortlisted for a demo day, enabling her to connect with industry experts. The Enterprise Project module also enabled her to connect with fellow MBAs with experience in other developing countries, expanding her vision.

Social impact has always been important to Wadikar: ‘In most traditional Indian families, social impact is ingrained in our culture and our upbringing through principles such as "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" which means "the world is one family" and putting other people’s needs before our personal pleasures.’ She is proud to uphold these values, academically, professionally, and as a way of life.

‘It was truly humbling to receive the award in recognition of my contribution to society while at Oxford and a decade long demonstration of social development through my personal and professional life.’ - Prerna Wadikar.

We are proud of you and Thank you Passionate Prerna Wadikar for showing the right path ...

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