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Science is a path towards spirituality: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of AOL

Speaking on Morning of Wisdom, where science and spirituality are embraced, spiritual leader and founder of Art of Living, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar said that science is a path towards spirituality. He was the speaker at the FICCI Ladies Organisation on Friday morning at Hotel Taj Deccan in the city.

Addressing about 500 plus FLO members and their guests, Guruji said spirituality needs peace, awareness, and alertness. Both science and spirituality are complementary to each other. He said this while replying to a question.

Replying to another question on Spirituality and Technology, the global spiritual leader said both ensure comfort. Additionally, spirituality ensures inner comfort.

Speaking about spirituality and environmental consciousness he added that, a stressed person doesn’t care for the environment. We need a stress-free mind, a calm mind, and a happy mind to take care of the environment.

Answering another question on how he addresses spirituality in the diverse world, he said experience comes in handy. Religion and customs are different, but spirituality is universal, he added.

When his attention was sought to the role of spirituality for global peace, the veteran spiritual leader said the connection between them is stronger now than ever. The world is confronted with so many conflicts. With so much agony, violent conflict, war and bloodshed, the world needs more peace and harmony than ever before. There are so many conflicts in many households too. We have lost count of how many families and houses we helped resolve their differences. A court in Michigan in the USA advised a couple to go through the Art of Living Course before they press for divorce. Ensuring peace in every sphere of life is a challenge to peace ambassadors. This is a great challenge for religious and spiritual leaders.

To get a few minutes of peace in this busy and noisy world is very important. The Art of living not only gives peace of mind but also relieves, gives a sense of freshness and energy to move forward in life, he added.

AOL is a great place to find much-needed solace and peace in our fast-moving lives, he said.

Speaking about relationships, Guruji said love doesn’t come by demanding. Love begets love. In today’s world, we keep witnessing people demanding love. It subconsciously puts the burden on the other person. This is a dangerous trend. Do you love me? We see some partners keep asking each other. This is one reason why it drifts people away from relationships. Instead, let them say why do you love me so much, it creates more bonding, he stressed.

Guruji gave many tips on how to live life in peace and joy.

Earlier welcoming the gathering Ritu Shah, Chairperson of FLO said Shri Shri Ravi Shankar is a global peace leader and humanitarian. He has been promoting peace and holistic well-being. He has impacted 500 million people across the world since the inception of Art of Living in 1981.


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