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St. Francis College for Women celebrates Jubilee Mahotsav 2022

St. Francis College for Women celebrates Jubilee Mahotsav 2022. The year-long celebrations were inaugurated today at its campus in Begumpet.

Eleven Departments of the institute celebrated their Diamond (60 years), Golden (50 years), Sapphire (45 years) Silver (25years), Vicennial (20 years) and Decennial (10 years) Jubilee Celebrations respectively

St. Francis College is one of the first autonomous colleges in the twin cities, affiliated with Osmania University. It was established in the year 1959 at Secunderabad and later shifted to Begumpet in the year 1977. It is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the city. It has a strong alumni of 40,000 plus. Some of the notable alumni include Smita Sabharwal, Secretary to CM, Govt of Telangana; Dr Manjula Reddy, Chief Scientist, CCMB; Deepika Reddy, Kuchipudi Dancer; Ms Vani Mohan, Dist Collector, Govt of AP and others

Mr Panneerselvam Madanagopal, Chief Innovation Officer, T-Hub, Hyderabad was the Chief Guest and Ms Divya Reddy, an illustrious alumna, Fashion Designer and Social activist was the Guest of Honour

The Principal, Dr Sr. Sandra Horta welcomed the gathering of 2000 plus. She outlined the major milestones of its journey and achievements. She highlighted how it has built its reputation over some time. The institution is involved in a special way in educating young girls, by instilling in them sound values of justice, truth and dignity of life in society. Inspired by these ideals, St. Francis College for Women has as its vision, the education of women for their holistic development. The college strives to help students to develop into intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired women of India, she said.

She appreciated the efforts of the former and the present faculty of the Jubilee Departments and encouraged them to mould students as better citizens of the country. The students must be groomed for life rather than just for exams, she said. The exams that you have in college are nothing. The examinations in life are different. Here we teach you lessons first and then conduct exams. But. in real life examinations are held first and then the lessons are taught. The colleges must groom young girls to face tough tests of life, and real-life situations. When life becomes tough, the tough must get going, she added.

Mr Panneerselvam Madanagopal said in his address, that the present youth are highly capable and are only in need of guidance, which is provided by institutions like St. Francis. He also exhorted the students to explore new opportunities and be open to learning. He said that he would be willing to explore the opportunity to launch T-Hub’s future innovative program for young student entrepreneurs at St. Francis. Guest of honour, Ms Divya Reddy shared her own experience of college life and advised the students to remember the lessons that are imparted at college, which would be of great use when life gets harder after college.

As part of the event, a video culminating the journey of the eleven Departments since their inception was showcased. A Jubilee Charter comprising the activities to be undertaken during the rest of the academic year was also released by the guests. A vibrant cultural program marked the end of the event.


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