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Did you know that Dogs too can donate blood?

The PETEX INDIA 2023 Show was India’s largest Pet Expo for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish & Exotic Pets. It was its 6th edition.   Hyderabad Kids Fair was India’s Largest Kids Karnival KIDS FAIR—2023. It is the 16th Edition of the Kids Exhibition


Both expos together saw 150 exhibitors exhibiting their products and services. PETEX had 50 exhibitors featuring Pet food, Pet Healthcare, Pet Fashion and Lifestyles, Pet Accessories, Pet Toys, and Pet Boarding and a Kids' Fair had 100-plus exhibitors showcasing their products and services.

The event saw an overwhelming response.  More than 30,000 visitors visited during the three days.  Sunday being a holiday, a huge crowd turned up to visit both the expos.

The highlights of various activities on the last day on Sunday were about exhibitors who created a great impact on society.  They were recognized on the occasion.  BOHBBY CHAUHAN’s Petting Matters, a dog specialist company was recognized on the occasion for taking forward Dog Blood Donation drive.  Several dogs and pet parents too were felicitated for the dog’s blood donation.  Dogs can donate blood to another dog. 

According to Bohbby Chauhan, dogs and cats like human beings can donate blood. Nealy 200 blood donations were organized in the last five years in the city.  But unfortunately, there is not much awareness among the pet parents. Dogs can donate blood like human beings once every three months.  They have 12 blood groups and 11 cross-matching groups.  The city doesn’t have a dog or canine blood bank, he said. 

They want pet parents to register with them if they are willing for their dogs to donate blood and save other dogs.   Those who want their dog to get enlisted in the donors' list may get in touch with Shivani on Mobile: 7330895424.

V4 Music Band by Sruthi Hasini has performed a live DJ show. She is the youngest professional DJ in the city.  She is just 15 years old.    She wants to be a professional DJ.  She has already given 100-plus performances.  She was also felicitated for her talent at the closing ceremony of the PETEX and Kids Fair.  The musical journey added a perfect note to the concluding day of the Kids’ Fair, creating a memorable and melodious experience.

Another social entrepreneur (Startup) was felicitated for their unique idea. The Roystian Foundation has come out with a unique idea.  They have come out with the Nihit Machine.  It has come out with a vending machine, which takes used pet water bottles and in return disposes pet food for the benefit of the street dogs.  It solves two problems.  It promotes the responsible disposal of plastic pet bottles, and at the same time, it serves a purpose.  This machine was on display at the expo.  Let's make Pawstivie change: Healing the earth, nurturing paws with the vending machine the founder says. 

This Dog food vending machine that keeps plastic use in check has attracted a lot of crowds at the expo.  They are looking forward to a tie-up with GHMC to install more such vending machines.  They are an NGO and don’t have resources.  They want people, NGOs, Govt bodies to collaborate with them.  They can get in touch with Roystian Foundation on 9663382992 or 9703323965


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