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Virtual is Real, for meeting ( ? )

Are you the one who is working remotely?

or managing your team virtually? Or

Are you forced to work 'remotely', due to the current situation?

And you are fed up with the virtual world of meeting and presentation, mute and unmute, etc.

Then, just go through the following advantages of virtual meetings :

Lower overhead costs: If you are an entrepreneur, running your own company, virtually, then just relax, for a moment. You don’t need to pay huge office space rent, utility payments, for nest few days. You are actually going to save ' some funds', which can be utilized for the development of the new innovative products, suitable and required by the time.

More satisfied employees: Gen Z is full of talent, but has a different, cool, and fresh approach towards life. For them, it's not the new normal, but normal to work from home, in a most casual way. If you are looking to hire the ' fresh talent', then work from home, is 'the thing' they are looking for.

And those experienced and non-experienced employees who are looking for the job will also be looking for work for home jobs, like never before. You can say it's in thing. This gives you more opportunities to hire talented team members who might not otherwise be able or willing to work for you, so easily.

Potential of scalability and ease: With a real office, increasing your staff often requires moving into a larger office space. However, with a virtual team, you can scale up your business without worrying about how much more square footage you need. There’s no need to worry about increased power, heating, and air conditioning costs.

Increased Productivity: Apart from discussing that work from home is an option or a necessity, we need to accept that virtual meetings also deliver the fast, efficient information stream that both consumers and workers have come to expect.

As the employees have the ' saved time ' in hand, to schedule their work as and when they want to work with maximum focus, apart from the boundary of 9 to 5. It definitely results in increase in productivity.

Work-Life Balance: It's the fact that No one (Boss or employee) likes the daily commute and being stuck in their office all day long.

As team members can save so much time, so they are utilize it in most qualitative way, with family . hey can maintain a healthier work life balance which will lead them to be happier.

Access to a global talent tool : If your company is growing fast and aiming high, you’ll need all kinds of people on board. But when you’re working out of a physical office, you have a problem. You can only hire talent in the same city or an area. This means you could be forced to settle for whoever’s available instead of finding that perfect fit for your team.

However, you’re not going to face this problem with global virtual teams.

As your employees work remotely, you can hire them from anywhere in the world!

Virtual meetings are integrated into daily workflows and have a permanent place among worker productivity tools. I am sure after reading these benefits you will continue working from home, till everything becomes "normal".

Stay Safe!

Stay Healthy!!

Enjoy your work!!!


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