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Women's involvement in the MSME sector is vital for economic empowerment and gender equality: Ritu Shah, Chairperson, FLO

FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) organised the Entrepreneurship Awareness Program at MSME DFO Balanagar on Wednesday evening.  

E-commerce is gaining momentum as a preferred channel for product sales directly to consumers across the world, said D. Chandra Sekhar, Addl. Development Commissioner, MSME-DFO, Hyderabad

The e-commerce channel helps in avoiding the middlemen and in improving the value chain. The Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India has identified E-Commerce as one of the strategies to promote exports.  To tap the increasing potential of the e-commerce channel, MSME DFO, Hyderabad in association with FICCI FLO has conducted a one-day Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme  at Balanagar, Hyderabad with a focus on exports using E-commerce platforms about 70 MSE Entrepreneurs attended the programme

Ms. Pratibha Yadav, Amazon Global selling, Bangalore, Shri Awesz Bhukari, Zonal Head, Walmart Vridhi, Bangalore, Shri Hamilpur Sharat Kumar, Asst Director, Dak Niryat Kendra ( international Parcel Service), Shri GS Bist and Shri MV Sudhir Kumar, Asst Directors, MSMEDFO, Hyderabad and Sri Ramanathan Iyer, expert faculty on exports explained various steps in starting exports and on-boarding on to e-commerce platforms, a support system for new exporters from MSMEs in the programme.  A session was also delivered to provide insights on Udyam Registration, and various state and central MSME schemes.

Shri D.Chandra Sekhar, Addl. Development Commissioner, MSME-DFO, Hyderabad Speaking on the occasion, said that various programmes are being organized for the benefit of existing and prospective MSEs to foster business opportunities/ marketing linkages. He explained various policies and programmes implemented by the Ministry for the benefit of MSMEs including SC/ST and Women entrepreneurs. He mentioned Schemes like the Public Procurement Policy, MSME Sambandh Portal, delayed payments, and financial assistance schemes like PMEGP, CGTMSE, CLCSS, Marketing Assistance Schemes like Domestic/International Trade Fairs, ESDP/MDP training programmes, benefits of Udyam Registration, Udyam Assistance Portal, etc. Under the MSE-CDP Scheme, eligible MSEs are being provided financial support for the establishment of CFCs, IDs and Common facility centres.

Ms. Ritu Shah, Chairperson, FICCI FLO Hyderabad said that … Women's involvement in the MSME sector is vital for economic empowerment and gender equality. It provides women with opportunities for entrepreneurship, skill development, and financial independence, thereby contributing to overall societal progress.

Governments often provide incentives to encourage women's participation in the MSME sector. These incentives may include financial support, preferential treatment in loan schemes, training programs, and policies promoting work-life balance. Such measures aim to create a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial landscape.

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