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WORK ... What is it?


We used the word, WORK, many times, whether we are at 'work' or not at 'work'.

Isn't it?

The Word WORK has a different meaning, and many perspectives, for different people. Students are enjoying their homework. (Oh! really ). In physics, WORK is measured in terms of displacement (J). Office work is different, and very much defined, than that of nonending housework.

Today, our focus is on work or office work or that type of work which enables us to earn some money. Let us define what I mean by “work”. I am talking about meaningful and productive life activities. It does not only mean a paying job — most adults do some forms of work that are not paying (making meals, doing the dishes, lawn care, paying the bills, laundry) — although many wealthy individuals and families hire these tasks out to others.

Probably the most undervalued form of non-paying work is parenting, and more specifically, mothering. Mothers work long, hard hours; they don’t get paid, and they don’t typically get much in return (accolades, thanks, recognition). Mothering is, flat out, a tough job.

There are additional non-paying jobs in the forms of community service and volunteering. So work is not defined by payment in this context.

Work can be defined as to function or operate according to plan or design or to perform work or fulfill duties regularly for wages or salary or to perform or carry through a task requiring sustained effort or continuous repeated operations.

Most entrepreneurs, make a huge mistake about the work. They try to do all the work, by themselves.

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