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10 Micro Habits for Entrepreneurs

Updated: May 15, 2021

Success can't be built one day. Every entrepreneur is looking for success. Many times, some micro changes in daily routine, helps you to reach the goal. Here are 10 micro habits for entrepreneurs to achieve the goal.

Micro habits need your minimal effort.

1. Write down every idea: Ideas don't stay for long. Though the idea is most simple, not creating any attention, no problem. Note down as much as you can, on a paper. These notes will make wonders. They will show you the right path when you lost. Also, will not allow you to distract, from the final goal.

Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable - Francis Bacon

2. Instant satisfaction is harmful: Reward yourself when you achieve some benchmark, But, do not expect instant satisfaction. Entrepreneurship is a consistent and continuous journey of patience and persistence.

3 Read, Read, and Read: Fall in love with books. Promise yourself to read a page, every day. One can start with just five lines to read. No matter whether the book is an autobiography, anthology, biography novel, or any other.

Reading habits will not just help you to stay updated, allow you to grow, it is the best way to relax and reduce stress.

4. Delay your reactions: Being an entrepreneur, you need to deal with many subjects and people, in the day. Everyone is looking for every reply to proceed, as you are the decision-maker. But, never make any decision, when you are in hurry or you know the exact problem. Make sure you are not avoiding the response, but postponing it.

Just a delay of 30 sec, in your reaction helps you to avoid long-term disappointments.

5. Wake up early:

Self-discipline needs practice. It allows you to work more productively, with energizing mind for the whole day. You can keep your phone away while sleeping, so when it rings in the morning, you need to get out of your bed to turn off the alarm.

6. Respect your Work: Work is worship and Respect is the foundation of any relationship - personal or professional. Respect allows you and your teams to work together and haccomplishthe gosl.tTake and earn respect. Respect everyone, irrespective of age and experience. Resect your personal relations, too.

7. Plan your day:

Planning is key for effective time management. Having a clear plan for the next day helps you make the most of your time and actually accomplish the important things. Before going to the bed, plan out the next day. Schedule the most important task at the beginning of the day.

8.While eating, Eat:

Health is wealth. You need 10 -15 minutes to eat. Eat mindfully. No surfing on Social Media nor watching TV.

9. Stay away from Social Media: Yes, in this digital world, you need to stay away from social media, for enhancing productivity. No, you don't need to delete your social media accounts or say goodbye to social media handles, but take a break of some time, in a day. If you achieve to stay away for a day, that will be a great achievement. Try to reduce the screen time.

10. Create a Creative half an hour: In a week, dedicate at least half an hour to do creative things. You can do painting or try your hands-on crafts. or just sit down and listen to the music. You can visit the art exhibition.

Entrepreneurship is a journey of consistent hard work and patience. Failure is a part of the game. Stop fearing failure. After the failure, work on yourself and yourself about the final Goal. and continue with the passion ...

All the best !!

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