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New patent for prevention of vehicular accidents , granted to Dr. Raju Ramekar and Team

How many of you know about the number of road accidents, in India ?

Do you know that India ranked first in number of road accidents ?

India ranks first in the number of road accident deaths across the 199 countries and accounts for almost 11% of the accident related deaths in the World.

A total number of 449,002 accidents took place in the country during the calendar year 2019 leading to 151,113 deaths and 451,361 injuries.

Dr. Raju Ramekar, a Radiologist from Adilabad, Telangana, along with his team, comes with a Solution, for the prevention of road accidents, esp. in the Hilly areas.

Dr Raju Ramekar and his Team, received International Utility model Patent from Germany in March 2022, to prevent vehicular accidents at the steep high gradient road.

As we all know the risk of driving is Hilly areas or on inclined roads is much more. As drivers vision is blocked by at step gradients, especially in the Hilly area.

It is normal tendency of drivers to overtake and it results in serious issues, like traffic jams, accidents and even the deaths and serious injuries.

The problem is present everywhere, but with Roads with single lane or narrow roads. And Almost 75% of the roads in India are either single lane or Double Lane. These situations are likely to happen .

Lack of awareness of the driver or about the vehicle in opposite lane or crossing lanes, may result into the accident.

Solution of the problem is an Indicating Pole Device, invented and patented by Dr. Raju Ramkekar , Mr. Himanshu , Mr. Smiraj Ramekar, Mr. Ajinkya Kottawar (The Patent Man of India).

The Indicating Pole Device facilitates the guidance to the driver, about the incoming vehicle, in order to prevent the accidents. It helps to avoid the unnecessary loss of lives, on the road, by alerting the drivers , well before in time.

Team AimSolute congratulate and present the gratitude to the Dr. Raju Ramkear and his team, for the invention and on getting the Patent.

Our best best wishes are always with you and we are desparately waiting for new inventions, from your side... !!

All the best, Sir !!



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