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Organization Identity : with different “means”

Updated: May 23, 2021

Is it a logo? or the "name"?

Is it the vision and mission statement ? or something other than it?

Organization Identity can be defined as a collection of characteristics or attributes, which are used by members, to define the organization.

Well, we come to know that Organization Identity is not only about the logo and visuals, but it is the multilayered and multi-dimensional concept. Identity is a statement of central characters that defines what is important and essential for the organization.

Let us try to find some difference to it.

We can simply call it different types of Identity. Broadly, we can define it in four different terms, to understand. As defined by Balmer & Wilson, types of identities are:-

Perceived Identity: We can call it " the Collection of attributes/characteristics of an organization, defined and decided by “organization think-tank”, based on the principle “continuity, centrality, and distinctiveness.” "

What the decision-maker (identity managers) thinks about their organization, is nothing but the perceived Identity. The decision-maker can be a Founder or CEO or MD or Team-leader.

Projected Identity: An Identity, projected by an organization, through various communication and symbols.

It is nothing but Whatever Identity managers project, in order to define the organization, in inside and outside world.

It involves all the team leaders, whereas Perceived identity is defined by a think-tank (identity manager).

Desired Identity: The Final aim of all the efforts, taken into and by the organization, is nothing but to achieve the desired position. It can be the AIM of the organization.

This desired position is nothing but the desired identity.

E.g. For a startup, named A2Z Solutions, the desired identity is to get listed, in New York Stock Exchange, in the next five years.

Applied Identity:

Traction of projected identity, in order to achieve the desired identity, is nothing but Applied Identity.

The establishment of applied identity requires maximum strategic decisions and the active involvement of people.

It is nothing but the action plan to achieve the desired identity.

e.g. The action plan to achieve the target of turnover, to get listed in NYSE, is nothing but the applied identity of A2Z Solutions.

Do not forget to share your desired identity with us ....

All the best

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