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Senior Vice President of Rowan University visits Indo Global Study of Hyderabad

Mr. Darren Wagner, Vice President, Strategic Enrollment Management & Rowan Global at Rowan University visited the offices of Indo Global Studies of Hyderabad at their office in SkyView, Gachibowli on Wednesday.

Rowan University is a public institution spread over 800 acres, founded in 1923 and is the third fastest growing university in the USA.

He was accompanied by Dr. Mark S Kopenski, CEO of Global Student Recruitment Advisors. Mr Ashok Kallam, Founder and Chairman of IGS also participated.

Interacting with students and meeting company executives, Mr. Wagner spoke about trends in the education abroad space and how Covid impacted a dramatic shift in career preferences, particularly for Indian students.

After a two-year lull, an enrollment boom is being witnessed now. Students are facing the rising costs which is causing them to consider alternative destinations. The trend is online courses, face-to-face courses and hybrid model.

Overseas education has grown 80% and reached pre - Covid levels with 54% international students taking STEM Programs. Currently Canada and the USA are the biggest markets for overseas education in the world.

STEM courses are still in demand. Computer Science and Cyber Security courses in new wave of technologies are still preferred.

There is a significant growth in the number of Indian Students. There has been an 18.9% increase from India year over year leading to 1,99,182 Indian Students studying in the USA currently.

Presently 80% Indian students are going for graduation and 20% for under graduation. 78% students are going to take STEM programs. Currently in the USA there are 1.6 million open jobs. We are in great need of nurses and teachers and not many are willing to get into those areas he said.

Hyderabad is one of the largest markets in India, particularly for students looking at the US as a study destination.

This year there is greater push for Optional Practical Training. Over one million international students are opting OPT, which allows international students to work in the USA for an initial period of 12 months, with the possibility for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students to extend this by a further 24 months.

Indian international students are growing. But there is a sharp decline in Chinese in the recent past. 80% Indian International Students are from two Telugu states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Canada, USA, UK, Australia are the preferred destinations for Indian students he said.

Currently India is the second leading country, after China, in sending students for overseas education. But it is likely to surpass China in next 36 months, said Dr. Mark S Kopenski, CEO of Global Student Recruitment Advisors.

The New Jersey based university has more than 20,000 students studying across a vast portfolio of academic programs. Currently, nearly 500 Indian students’ study in this university.

For more information, please contact Mr. ASHOK KALLAM CEO IGS, 9912881199


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