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How to make a "Presentable" Presentation?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The first impression is the last. Isn't it?

A business presentation serves many different purposes. It can be used as a toolkit for trainers, an assistant for the marketing person to sell their idea of a product, to motivate the audience. Your presentation may take you to win a contract or teaches you to re-prepare and rehearse the presentation, to get the contract. Since a lot can ride on a presentation. The presentation should able to attract and engage the targeted audience, delivering the correct message.

Many presentation resources are available for you, to build the personal or company presentation. It allows users to create, edit and show beautiful presentations with the help of slides. The user can combine text, graphics, and multimedia to support a presentation. Here are some important tips and tricks to make the “presentable” presentation: -

The first impression is the last impression: While launching a new product or a concept, to engage the audience, at a deeper level, videos can be used. Make sure it is not too long and about the points to be delivered.

Have you seen the trailer of any Blockbuster Cinema? It impacts the revenue. How? Because it's PRESENTABLE.

The same story applies to us, as well.

Let's make a note of the following points :

Visually appealing: Presentation slide design or template design is such that it should not only visually appealing but also strongly demonstrates the purpose. The complexity of design kills the interest.

Informative: Good presentations leave the audience with new information, which often enlightening and eye-opening. The most useful presentations are those that include practical information. So, it applies to the audience such as how to convert leads into orders? The direct experience of the presenter, adds great value to the deliverable. The most effective ones are often based on direct experience.

Too many descriptive slides: Though the presentation is to convey the information, on a presentation slide, avoid descriptions. Make sure there are max 10 (6 -7 are enough) bullet points on one slide. It is easy for the audience to grasp and the presenter to present

Tell a story: The difference between a good presentation and a not-so-good presentation is the unique STORY, behind it.

A business presentation must capture the audience's attention. A compelling presentation is nothing but a lecture. It contains the information to be delivered. It should be delivered in the form of a story, to immediately capture the attention.

Innovative: As discussed earlier, a presentation is much more similar to a lecture. So, to remove the dullness or to add/increase the audience involvement, one needs to think of many creative ways of audience engagement.

Using physical or visual props, colorful posters, physical objects, etc. impacts the audience's involvement. Most important is the body language of the presenter.

The used props or the demonstration of the used props must be in - relevance to the topic to be delivered. Use it as a tool for better understanding.

Connecting: The motto of any type of presentation is to build a connection with the audience. It can be a customer, vendor, distributor, etc. So, the business presentation must be interactive.

Involve the audience in the presentation through some games, question – answers, etc. to create a memorable bonding experience. It also helps the presenter, to understand the audience in a better way and hence, to convey the message.

Expressive: Powerpoint presentation should leave an expression, on its audience. The impact or the expression provokes them to connect with the presenter.

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